F1 Computer Services, Inc.

For all your personal & small business IT needs.

Since 1989


My Services include:

  • Computer Server, Desktop Support and Repair for Homes, Offices and Home Offices.
  • New computer specification and purchase.
  • Remote Virtual & Phone Support
  • Install, Configure Software & Networks.
  • Laptop, Server, PC and Phone configuration & Repair
  • Hardware, Software & Network Maintenance
  • Electronic Medical Records & Billing Systems
  • Website Development (HTML5, JS & WordPress)

  • Software & Hardware Acquisition & Implementation– Are you upgrading to new software and worried about how it will impact your office & workflow? Is your existing software out of date and you’re looking for something that fits your business and budget? Are your computers out of date or even no longer supported by hardware or software vendors? Are your versions of Windows no longer supported or updated by Microsoft?  Let me handle that for you and make sure the transition is smooth and painless. Doctors, are you looking to install practice management and medical records software?
  • Ransomware, Malware, and Virus Removal, Prevention, and Protection– It’s a dangerous computing world & I’ve seen many businesses get caught by virus attacks & ransomware. Some even pay in the hundreds to thousands of dollars to get back their most valuable asset, Data! Even the government has been caught in these schemes. They can be caused by opening the wrong attachment in E-Mail or visiting infected sites resulting in poorly running computers, indecent or offensive content deposited on your computers and corruption of your valuable information. Most of these attacks find their way to your data repository. These threats should not be taken lightly and are considered dangerous to the survival of a business. Can you afford to be out without your data for more than a couple of days? Are you adequately protecting it?
  • Networking Wireless and Wired Configurations– Whether you have 1 or 100’s of computers that need to access a server, application or printer make sure it is done right to avoid future downtime. In today’s business world, mixed wired and wireless systems are a necessity. I can configure your systems, so you get the best of everything with out risking your security. Need to integrate phones and tablets? I can and have worked with offices of 1 person to offices of 100’s of people. No matter how large or small I have strategies that will work for you.
  • Backups and Disaster Recovery– Data is vital to today’s modern business. Your financial information, client and sales data help you operate,  structure and grow your business. Backups make sure this data is safe in case of hardware failure, system corruption, malware or Ransomware attack. Don’t risk your data. What will you do if your business gets hit by a natural disaster or worse a Ransomware attack? We can analyze your business and create a Disaster Recovery plan for you to keep you running.
  • Routine Maintenance– You don’t think twice about changing the oil in your car or cleaning the furnace in your home. So why leave your business systems unattended?  When was the last time you had regular maintenance done on your infrastructure? If you want business to continue without IT problems, you need to keep your equipment and systems maintained. I can catch problems before they become emergencies and keep your business running smoothly.
  • Computers, Servers, Cloud, Phone, and Much More!– When something does go wrong, I’m here for you. Contact me and if I can handle it remotely, there is no need for me to come out at all. If I can’t diagnose or repair it remotely, then I’ll come out to you and get you up and running fast.
  • Website Design and maintenance – Want to advertise your business or yourself on the internet? Want to replace an old out of date website? Let me design the perfect website for you. Whether you want a simple 1-page site or an ecommerce solution I can put it together for you. From registering a domain, straight through the finished live site I can get it done for you.